Tattoo. Culture. People

We are ink and

A matter of the heart

We want to bring joy to people with authentic tattoo art - on and off the skin.

With this mission and the love for tattoo art, we - Pina, Felix and Daniel - founded ink and in 2020. We support tattoo artists in making their art visible and make authentic artwork and products available to people that cannot be found anywhere else.

The name ink and

The name “ink and” expresses our closeness to the tattoo, the people we work with and our products.

Translated from English "ink" means ink. Colloquially, “ink” is also a tattoo. Likewise, all the products we make are printed with ink. This ink is actually quite similar to the ink used for tattooing.

The addition “and” is our connection to all the topics we deal with and the culture we surround ourselves with.